Sessions are 50 minutes. You can expect to be listened to with great care. Our therapeutic model assumes that all of us live our lives guided by past learnings about the best way to get along in life with others around us, especially our parents. We all develop our theories about how to manage life, and starting in early childhood, store guiding “voices” that warn us and encourage us, but sometimes keep us stuck in a troublesome place. We will help you sort out those important messages.
You don’t need to define yourself a “defective” person to work with us. We assume that your yearning to be a vital, happy, healthy person is the quality that brings you to us.


We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Cost per 50 minute session is $100. We do have a sliding scale for those unable to pay the full fee. Non-insurance payments: Cash or check only.

Hours for appointments are flexible, however late afternoon and early evenings are best.